Auckland One Rail’s sustainability philosophy is that we will “create a positive legacy for our people, and for the communities and environment in which we work and live.”

Auckland One Rail has developed a Sustainability Framework which is focused on supporting the United Nation’s Sustainability Goals as well as Auckland Transport’s own Sustainability Goals as well as AT’s own Sustainability and Supplier Code of Conduct aspirations.

This Framework is based on three pillars:

  • Enabling an Energy-efficient Transport System
  • Enhancing the Safety and Wellbeing of the Community and our People; and
  • Engraining a Culture of Innovation and Strong Governance.

Under each pillar, we have committed to the introduction of a range of initiatives and programmes. We will be rolling these out over the course of the Franchise and are excited about the positive impact these will have environmentally as well as socially. We look forward to sharing news of these initiatives with you.

AOR’s Sustainability Framework, supporting the UN’s Sustainability Goals and AT’s Sustainability and Supplier Code of Conduct.