Permit to Work

Working on or near the Auckland One Rail network?

Due to hazards that exist when working in and around the rail corridor, a request for a permit to work must be submitted to Auckland One Rail (AOR), and authorisation received, prior to the commencement of works.

This includes filming and photography on or around a Train Station or on board a train in Auckland. Please note any works on the track, overhead line and traction power supply must be coordinated with KiwiRail.

Once a permit to work request has been received by Auckland One Rail, you will receive acknowledgement of your request within two business days, however a permit approval can take up to 14 days to process. 

The below details information about Minimum Approach Distances (MAD) and the safe boundary of the rail corridor, and the types of activities that require a permit.

Crossing over the boundary of the MAD could lead to a major safety risk, such as collision with a train or electrocution. Please refer to the below figures to ensure safety around the overhead lines. For any further information please contact Auckland One Rail at 

Completed the form below? 

Once the form has been completed below, you will soon be able to Login to the Permit to Work system in the button below, once it is live.

Why do I need a Permit to Work?

To ensure the work performed within stations, other AOR facilities, and around the rail corridor is safe for everyone and that all participants on the Auckland Metro network are informed, a request for a permit to work must be submitted to Auckland One Rail. No one is authorised to enter into AOR stations, facilities or the rail network at any time to undertake work, unless:

  • Appropriate safe working has been identified and appropriate protections have been arranged have been made as per the relevant scope and work instruction or safe work method statement
  • They are appropriately qualified and/or certified
  • They are authorised to do so and have the required permits
  • They are required to do so in an emergency

Emergency Access  

For all emergency access on the rail network, please contact KiwiRail Train Control on 0800 808 400.

What’s involved?

The rail corridor – the land that the rail tracks run along – is out of bounds to the public to ensure everyone’s safety. 
When working in or near our operational areas, including stations and facilities, you will require an AOR Permit to Work, and potentially other authorisations and permits from Auckland Transport and KiwiRail.
Everyone, when on or near the track, must:
  • Wear the approved high visibility clothing and PPE as per the minimum requirements. If the work instructions or AOR Permit to Work (PTW) require any PPE above the minimum requirement this is adhered to. 
  • Behave responsibly
  • Follow the instructions of the Rail Protection Officer (RPO) who is the competent person appointed to provide a level of protection and supervision. 
  • Take care of their own safety and the safety of others.
  • Report any incidents, hazards or breaches to Train Control and as per process.  

Next Steps

The next step is to request a Permit to Work from Auckland One Rail by completing and submitting the form below. Once submitted, one of our Auckland One Rail team will contact you with further steps. Please submit this form 14 days prior to work commencing, to ensure your permit is granted on time. 

After the form has been submitted, you will receive an invitation. Once the onboarding process has been completed, you will be able to Login to the Permit to Work system, located via the above Login button, to provide all the relevant information to AOR. Please note, it may take up to 12 hours for permissions to be granted. 

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